ODC Setup

Core Team Setup

Definition of key Operating Processes

Core team agrees on the key operating processes for ODC. This is a very important step in the engagement where all the operating processes were defined, specifically containing the following:

Implementation of Processes and Systems

Any systems/tools needed as per the agreed operating processes are implemented.

We, at Connecting Dots identify a common Project Management tool. Specific devices like Mobile devices, hard disks for data backup, specific working machines etc. will be procured, Workstations will be defined. Strict Security Norms for Data Security will be specified, we will sign project specific NDAs with every team member and subsequent to be inducted.

Resource Ramp-up and Enablement

Resources required for executing the planned work are added to the ODC and are given the required training on client business, applications and operating processes.

KM/KT plan will be created in the beginning, documented and training session’s video can be recorded so that future training needs can be fulfilled optimally.

We also have a strong recruiting team and available employee database sources. We have good capabilities on ramping up teams on short notices.

We also follow a regimented training process for our team. Typically, senior members of the team have to take out time to train junior developers. This is how we have built up our Magento team from scratch. In India, we will have to be open for two scenarios while hiring folks (like Magento):

Scenario 1: Hiring Magento skilled developers.

Scenario 2: Hiring PHP developers and then making them up to speed and train them on Magento.

We have a developed our team using a mix of the above scenarios.

Steady-state readiness review

A review of the facility and preparedness may be done by the customer to ensure that the facility can start functioning as an ODC

We would request you to make a visit to the Bangalore facility to review the facilities/infrastructure, and talk to the team.

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