ODC Steady State Operations

Project Execution

Work Requests & Authorization

Here we have two options:

Option 1: Connecting Dots has oversight Project Manager/s to oversee and manage the development team offshore, you can assign tasks for the projects which the team will execute under the guidance and management of the Project Manager. Delivery is our responsibility. Every week a demo of what was done the previous week will take place with your team, if some objections come in, they will be immediately addressed and post approval the team would move to the next priority task(s).

Option 2: Developers assigned for your projects are directly overseen by your Project Managers and Delivery team sitting out at your place. We can still have a Connecting Dots’ representative oversee the activities of the team, but more from an operational, admin and fulfillment POV. Delivery is joint responsibility in this case.

Work Execution and Work Management

Choose right methods and tools for planning, executing, monitoring and controlling the work progress. Each sprint will be defined, work breakdown structure will be assigned to different team members, and project will be monitored daily. End of two weeks, a stock would be taken on the bigger picture and any adjustments to the monthly/quarterly plan will be incorporated.

Communication and Status updates

• Visibility into EDC Work Portfolio and Execution Status

• Regular updates on work performance and Issues

Weekly reports will be sent to all the stake holders in the project.

Matrix Collection

Data Points need to be captured and are to be presented to the Stake Holders.

Data, information and the insights based on them are critical for any projects success, they should be tracked, recorded and worked for improvement. Mantra for this exercise needs to be “Discover the Matrix and Observe the Behaviour.”

Specific information about the movement of the project was captured in the PM tool with Daily Project progress reports, Bug Tracking, real time progress report for a first hand insight on the movement of the project.


Quality Improvement

Number of tickets closed will be monitored on a daily basis and performance tracked in the PM tool.

Productivity Improvement

Every two weeks a Retrospection meeting will be held where the project track will be analysed and based on this areas of improvement will be identified, replacements and path corrections will done.

HR Processes

Training: Cultural and Technical Training will be provided at regular periods as and when required.

Hiring: Prepare ramp-up and ramp-down plans based on visibility of work.

Attrition Management: Manage resource and motivate them through skill-rotation, career counselling, and onsite work.

Training plans will be put in place for the induction of new joinees and regular skills training, re-skill training will be conducted for the existing team as well. Depending upon the team size shadow resources (unbilled) can be kept plugged in the project to take care of any attrition and increase in scope etc.

We also believe to hire and retain A+ players in the team, our best bet is to give them a good environment to work and explore their horizons and potential to maximum. At Connecting Dots, being a small team, we make sure that we take extra care of our team, it does not always mean giving them all facilities or luxury, but giving them emotional, mental and social support at a regular and continuous basis along with providing them a secure, rewarding and enriching environment. Our work environment is conducive for their growth in their career. We have an individual growth plan for every employee and this plan is jointly between us and the employee when he/she joins us. We do outings, one on one session for understanding if they are facing any challenges either at work place or in personal lives and if there is anything that we can do to help/support them.

Knowledge Management

All the data and reports regarding the project can be stored in a document management tool. Configuration management tool ‘SVN’ will also be used as a depository of Code, Requirement documents, used case documents, Minutes of Meetings on the project and Training Plans.

Information Security and Disaster Recovery

Conduct information security audits and periodic disaster recovery drills.

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