Omnichannel Growth for Medium Size Retailers

Magento and eBay Enterprise began this New Year with good news for small and medium sized eCommerce marketers. Working together, these two big ones have started up a new retail solution specifically for medium size businesses, which is a combination of Magento Enterprise Edition front end integrated with the eBay Enterprise omnichannel solutions, offering robust capabilities at low cost of ownership.

It was found that the medium sized marketers are far behind the larger competitors in leveraging the available technology due to lack of flexibility, thus keeping out these retailers from using the technology to grow.“As mid-sized retailers continue to compete with their large scale counterparts, their ability to adapt to an omnichannel environment becomes critical for profitability, loyalty and survival,” said Steve Denton, vice president of marketing solutions, eBay Enterprise. The new Omnichannel solution is a combination of Magento Enterprise Edition and eBay Enterprise’s operations services and works for the emerging and medium sized retailers.

How Omnichannel solution will help??

This new solution is an open sourced modular and flexible platform, and includes pre-integrated solutions and data integration structure, required to meet your specific needs. It is competitively priced and helps in scaling as your business grows.


This new solution will help you to drive more traffic to your store, in turn improving the revenue growth. You can now utilize the configurable native features available in Magento Enterprise Edition and customize based on your requirement and leverage the open core architecture offered by Magento. It also offers full page caching for better performance and will help you in accommodating large product catalogs, contents and offers better ways to expand. It also has an optimized order managing platform for retail which includes distributed order managing, drop ship managing, visibility of omnichannel inventory, and store based fulfillment along with modular options and customer care options. It also has the additional capabilities of eBay Inc. such as PayPal and Marketplaces.

By using the new solution small and medium Magento merchants can use the advantages of Enterprise Edition in their web-stores without any need of making changes to the existing storefronts. Retailers can now use this swift technology to gain success in this highly competitive environment.

 Some of the key features of omnichannel growth solution are as below:

  • This new solution is available to new and existing Magento Enterprise users.
  • Using the high speed Magento Enterprise solutions, now small and medium retailers can also experience simplified deployment of their web-stores.
  • It does not require re-architecture of existing web-store. One can easily activate new order management solutions as offered by eBay Enterprise.
  • This solution will be open to the Magento partners and developers, who can use this new solution to fulfill the specific requirements and needs of the mid-sized retailers.

Along with this new solution eBay Enterprise will also be creating an Alliance Partner network to support the increase in retailers adopting Magento and eBay Enterprise implementations. This will in turn expand the number of partners and developers network offering Magento solutions. The new alliance partners will work directly with the merchants based on their omnichannel idea and help them to make it alive, by using the data integration framework for quick implementation and integration. The developers will be now able to offer unmatched customization of the Magento storefront very easily with the help of eBay Enterprise technology suite.

The use of this new solution will improve scalability, make things more simplified, and will relieve the retailers from the efforts involved in managing this complex technology. It will also offer consistent consumer experiences, which will help small and medium size brands and retailers to deliver best user experience throughout the entire purchase lifecycle. This will help in engaging potential customers, converting visitors into buyers and improving speed and quality.

With the starting of this new omnichannel solution there will be a lot more online shopping stores competing with the big players.

That time is not far when you will be shopping from some of the finest web-stores.

So, be ready to shop!!

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