Optimizing Your eCommerce Website Against Competitors

Life has become so competitive, isn’t it? In the online parlance, holy grail of competition is to get to top rankings in Google search thus making the overall Web business more competitive. This has made the optimization of your eCommerce website more important than before. Here we will focus on some of the ways through which we can attain optimization without dealing with keyword targeting and link placement.

Just having high link counts will not help your rank to rise, neither will it bring good amount of traffic. Now it all depends upon how much people know about you and your brand, and how much you engage with customers. Once you understand what Google needs to put you in the top list, you just need to excel.

Generally, search engine optimizers reverse engineer competitor sites with the help of web metrics. They will check who is linking to their page, how old are the links, which keywords they commonly use, from where they get all the traffic from.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a systematic analysis of the competitors. Here you can develop a profile based on the nature of strategy changes every competitor makes, their reaction to industry changes, and on the basis of website positioned above your website.Understand what tactics they use to target market than you do, analyze what are their goals, how do they price their products and services, and what they know more that you don’t know. Keeping all these things in mind you can identify opportunities that your competitors have missed out. While carrying out competitive analysis we need to get a sure shot answer to the following points:

  • Nature of competition
  • Where your competitors compete?
  • Against whom are these competitors competing?
  • What tactics they follow to compete?

We will now take a better look on each of the above questions.

Nature of Competition

Today, traditional rank building tactics do not work much. The regular press mentions, traffic resulting from newspaper (online) ads, genuine back links for industry relevant online resources like other blogs and online properties of influence in your industry.. all these matters on the type of signals Google tends to look for (back to roots isn't it? Yeah!) .Big companies can run Adwords campaigns to check new competitors dominating their space in search results. Compared to the big ones, start-ups has the advantage of having the ability to change direction and get into a new market, which the bigger business can’t achieve easily.

For new business it is not a good thought to take on big companies, rather, look for ways you can outsmart them. Check for those aspects in the market where these big ones are not focusing, make some innovations. It all depends on choosing a right market space.

It’s good to create a new category you can be first in.

Where your Competitor Compete?

Check whether your competitors compete in certain areas, or country, or are they working in an international basis. What language they follow, also check how they work to improve their offline presence. If you want you can use their business model in the areas where they are not active.

Against Whom Are These Competitors Competing?

It is good to make a list of top competitors and compare their approaches and offerings with yours. Keep a check on the new and upcoming ones as they might help you in deriving some interesting conclusions. If they are doing well as new ones, it is needed to be taken into consideration as to why this happened. What new things they are doing. Watch those sites as that are not doing much in SEO still their rankings are raising fast.

What Tactics They Follow To Compete?

Check the specific products and services they offer. How they fix their prices? How good are they in offering their services? Do they provide information that customers can’t find anywhere else? Are they focusing on building their own brand? What are the obstacles you face while copying the same things?

This will help you to find new ways to achieve what you need.


Websites which show increased customer engagement is found to have good Google rankings. Customer engagement has now become an important measure of how interesting people think you are. Check how do people search your competitors, do they click through their site, and do they talk about competitors’ site to others?

Check on the usability of your competitors’ eCommerce website. Analyze how easy it is to navigate in their site, do customers find the click through buttons easily, are their offers clear and catchy, how easy is their checkout process. How fast is the response time of their site?

You might know all these thinks but still a lot of sites are there that overlook these basics things. If you optimize in all these areas, nobody can stop you. We guarantee you...

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