We believe we can add value to every step of your business journey.

We at Connecting Dots have a deep engagement based working philosophy, we believe in adding value to every engagement at every step of the engagement. Let us explain you how we are not just another IT services company. Here are our core differentiators and why you should consider us for your technology and business solutions needs:

Top quality professionals

The set of professional team we have built and are continuously building is the best in class and we are really proud of it. This is a very unique model as opposed to the quantity game that happens in India on IT services front. In any project you need a team of 2 to 10 great individuals (considering needs of small organisations, entrepreneurs and startups) to work on your project and we have and can hire best of the lot here. Our strategic presence in Bangalore makes it possible for us to scale easily while maintaining quality and culture intact.

Passionate team and deep engagement model

We work very hard and believe in adding value to every engagement and work item. Our clients appreciate that our suggestions and working model here is unique and much enriching. We contribute much more than just a development team working on a set task but add value in terms of suggestions on improvements, best practices, any pitfalls and challenges. This consulting led philosophy is embedded in every team member and this is again only possible because we hire the best folks who are mature enough to handle this level of engagement. At the end of the project we both come out enriched and satisfied.

Time delivery commitment

We commit to an on-time delivery and have very tight monitoring of how the project moves forward. Before the start of a project we share a milestones sheet with clients that acts as a guide for us on deliverables, the project is monitored daily against the same. Each sprint gets defined, work breakdown structure is assigned to different team members. Every week a demo of what was done the previous week takes place with the client, if some objections come in they are immediately addressed and post client approval the team moves to the next priority task.

Commitment and Top mgmt support

Our top management gets personally engaged to ensure smooth progress and making sure we adhere to the best standards and commitment to quality. Management is always available for any escalations and out of the turn support that clients need in the project and arrange resources to fulfil their needs in the best possible manner.


During our vast experience with working with many start-ups and enterprise customers, we have realised that many a times, a project, especially a product is never a ditto copy of the requirement document. We remain flexible and incorporate on the fly changes as well as work arounds on the requirements during execution of the project, we have good expertise and systems to handle any route corrections during project execution.


Our development team is available on emails, phone, Skype or GoToMeeting during working hours (9:30 am IST to 6:30 pm IST) though they willingly work extra hours if needed to ensure that the project delivery is on time and we are adhering to the deliverables well. Our whole team is enabled with smart phones so they are available for any important response round the clock. We work on fast internet broadband lines and have a very good connectivity and infrastructure.

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