Our Deep Engagement Driven Working Model

We have a Consulting Led Deep Engagement Driven Working Philosophy which is build on our years of experience of working with Entrepreneurs, Small and large organisations. Our Co-Founding members have also worked in large organisations, small organisations and entrepreneurial start-ups as well. This has also been acknowledged and appreciated by our clients and we are proud to be adding value to the ecosystem that really needs us. Our unique working model involves methodical steps, this is how our engagement process generally works:

Understanding your needs

We always start with understanding your needs and try to ask as many questions as possible, we also understand that you might have all the answers, our vast experience of dealing with various similar scenarios helps us arrive at a logical and rational thought path with you. We try to understand your Technology as well as business related needs. We also try to understand any specific preferences you might have or any of our past experience helps to refine our thought process better.

Industry research

based on our first level discussion over call or in-person meeting, we start an intensive research about the industry and area you plan to target, we might have already worked on a similar or related work, that experience might come in handy even during our first level discussion and help you immensely. We love this phase as it gives us an objective driven opportunity to expand our areas of knowledge and continuously expand our horizons to help you better. (This is also one of the reasons why we do not charge you a single dime for our consulting services! It’s completely free of charge and we believe a value add to our relationship.

Competitive landscape research

We undertake competitive landscape study, analysing your potential competitors or companies related to the business you are trying to target and pick out good/bad points from this which might help us shape your solution better. We strongly suggest you to undertake the same exercise along with us so that we both are in sync with our understanding at all times.

Feature and Functionality Study

Based on the industry, competitive landscape study and your specific needs, we research on the possible feature and functionalities your solution should have to potentially create a differentiating factor as well as incorporate all/some of the good areas where your competition has been success full as well as avoid those where they might have not been so successful. Now there may be a situation that you already completed the above steps yourselves before approaching us (which we again suggest you should), we still do this so that we can find some new perspectives, add our experience and help you much better.

Discussions and Brainstorming

Once we are through with the above steps, we sit and brainstorm with you on our findings, refine each other’s understandings and clarify our project goals mutually. We also suggest you industry best practices, possible market winners, also discuss pitfalls and challenges at this point.

Developing High Level Requirement Document

Based on our research, suggestions and mutual discussions, we arrive at a high level requirement document. This might be in form of an excel sheet or a detailed requirement specification document, whatever suits best to your and projects best interests and need.

Finalisation of Requirements

Once we discuss, divide the requirements into possible phases, we have a sign off on the requirements for the project. Now this requirement freeze does not mean there can be no change in the requirements in the execution phase. It is to help us arrive at a more accurate estimation for your project and you too to have the expense picture clear.

Estimates, Proposal Sign off

Based on the requirement we provide you our time and cost estimates and share as detailed proposal to this effect with you. The proposal generally contains apart from the time and effort estimates, our processes, responsibilities, team suggestions, policies, warranty and general terms and conditions.

Ongoing Innovation and route adjustments

We understand that a product is never a ditto copy of the requirements but it is an evolutionary process, we also during the execution or development phase identify certain areas which might benefit to be included, or may be done some other way better. We keep open to route adjustments and changes and have good systems in place to handle the same

Warranty and Post go Live Support

We support the product one month free of cost post go live!. We have the most flexible support and maintenance model in the industry that can be customised according to your needs. We also keep ourselves updated on industry and keep sending you suggestions on improvements and best practices or enhancements. For example, every version upgrade in Magento is critically evaluated and based on its potential usefulness for you, we may or may not suggest you to upgrade to the new version.

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