Persistent Shopping in Magento

Persistent shopping in Magento allows users to keep track of the leftover items in the customers’ cart, and saves the information for their next visit. Customers can see the contents of their shopping carts restored whenever they visit your store.Using persistent shopping facility in Magento you can reduce the number of shopping cart abandonment and thus increase conversion rates as it makes shopping easier for your customers and enables you to easily to segment customers in a better way and tailor the product offering to serve the better.

For the persistent shopping functionality to work, the customers’ browser must allow cookies, which will be used for persistent shopping to work. For this purpose Magento uses the following types of cookies:

Session Cookie:It is a short-term cookie that exists for a single visit of a site, and expires when one leaves the site or after a set time period.

Persistent Cookie:It is along-term cookie that continues to exist even after the end of session, and has the ability to save the shopping cart contents for a maximum period of a year.

Magento generally uses long-term cookie which is established for that particular browser device combination. So when a customer logs in to your site and adds product, they can see the added products next time even if they have not logged in again.

Multiple Browser Capability

A persistent shopping cart has got the ability to retain the contents of shopping cart, even if the customers use different devices each time to shop from your store.  They might add products to the eCommerce shopping website using laptop, edit products from a desktop, or add more products using a Smartphone, and again complete the checkout process from laptop. In all this case any changes made to the persistent session using multiple browsers will be reflected in all other browsers when you refresh the page.

This is absolutely incredible! As your customers will not get annoyed by doing the same process of adding the products every time, in case the left the checkout process do to some emergency. Not only this, you can also save a lot of abandoned shopping carts. You can now use these features in case of wish lists, recently ordered items, and comparison when using Magento Enterprise edition.


How does persistent shopping work?

Persistent shopping cart can be easily configured and it provides additional way to offer customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty. Users both registered ones and guest shoppers can use the persistent shopping cart. They will be secured as they will have to either log in to existing account, or create new account before entering into the checkout process. Now to set up a persistent shopping cart you need to select Configuration tab in the System menu in the Admin panel. Now under the Customers attribute you need to select Persistent Shopping Cart. Then click on the General Options section and change Enable Persistance to ‘yes’.


After that you can set the lifetime of persistence which is the time period that you want the persistent cookie to last. The maximum time allowed is one year. Selecting Remember Meas ‘Yes’ will add a check box in the Login page of your store, which the customers can select to save their shopping cart. By selecting Clear Persistence on Log Out as ‘Yes’ will clear all shopping cart information when a registered user logs out. After selecting the desired attributes just click on Save Config.

Thats it!! You have enabled persistence shopping in your eCommerce web-store.

Isn’t it easy. Now start using persistence and earn more.

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