Resources that eCommerce Store Owners Can Use to Create Stunning Marketing Content

As an eCommerce shopping site owner, you are well aware of the importance of beautiful design. Aren’t you? Isn’t that an important factor to improve your online presence? Great designs give rise to more sales and revenue. Do you have a good designing background? Or are you like most of the online store owners? Do you fear working on the tools like Photoshop and Illustrator? If yes, then will you create beautiful marketing contents that drive conversion and more revenue?

Don’t worry, here we offer the perfect solution for your designing problems. Here we will let you know how to get improved marketing results with the help of beautiful designs. For this we have selected some good tools that will help you to create beautiful marketing content to drive more people to your store.


Canva is an awesome tool to create beautiful marketing images. The tool itself contains thousands of stock images to which you can add different elements like banners, buttons and text, etc. to create a beautiful piece of visual marketing content. It has got a drag and drop visual editor and this means that you can simply select the attributes you like and drag and drop them to where ever you want them.


PlaceIt can be used for showcasing the screenshots of your application, digital products or even website on various devices. You can easily upload an image from your computer or even enter a URL. PlaceIt will then collect the image and place it on the screen that you have selected.

Why PlaceIt can be great for people like you is the availability of a wide variety of screens and devices. This means that you can add your screenshots to any devices starting from Samsung Galaxy to MacBook Pro.

Graphic River

Graphic River can be considered as a design market where the professional designers upload their work and the eCommerce store owners like you can purchase them for use in your marketing content. There are almost 285,000 items available for sale on Graphic River and also has a well-categorised website with great search functionality, making everything very easy for you to find the exact thing that you are looking for. There are several icons and banners on Graphic River that can make your marketing and promotional piece of content much more visually appealing.


SnagIt is a useful tool to capture screenshots and videos of whatever you see on your screen. It will be great to capture screenshots that you can use as your marketing content. The top class built-in editing abilities is what sets SnagIt apart as it allows you to modify these screenshot before saving them. Using SnagIt, you can easily add arrows, circles, speech bubbles, texts and much more to the screenshots to offer additional information. You can also easily add effects like fading, reflections, shadows, etc. to the screenshots to give a professional look.

IM Free

IM Free is a photography website that offers thousands of beautiful photographs that to free. The photographs are far above average than the images you find elsewhere over the web. These images are well categorized and are easy to find for your marketing needs.


Canvas is an email template builder that allows you to create HTML email campaigns quickly. It has a unique drag and drop interface where you can drag and drop whatever you want on any desired layout. The emails generated are responsive and once you’ve finished creating the content for an email campaign, you can either sign up to send them and view the results, or even download them as HTML and send from some existing email tool.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project offers a collection of free and paid icons that can be downloaded and used in marketing content. The Noun Project is the best place to get icons.

Web Developer Chrome Plugin

Web Developer is a Google Chrome plugin that offers your browser some extra functionality. It is targeted mainly for the developers. However, there are some tools available to create beautiful marketing content. These tools include

  • Ruler – With this ruler you can measure the dimensions of any element and get the exact height and width in pixels. For creating contents of a particular size you can use this tool to work on the dimensions.
  • Color picker – With color picker you can click on any part of website and find out exactly what color that part is using. You can then use it in your own marketing designs.
  • Browser Resizer – You can resize the browser to different screen sizes that are popular on different devices. This will help you to know how your content looks like in different screens and accordingly make necessary changes.

We all need to use email campaigns and social media to compete in this world to gain customer’s attention. Also, the need of beautiful and eye catching designs are increasing every day, the use of such simple tools have become important in driving marketing results.

Start leveraging these tools and you can become the master of digital artistry.