Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In a simple way Search engine marketing (SEM) can be explained as the promotion of our websites and brands by improving their visibility in search engine results using optimization. This can be achieved either by an SEO or by using pay per click listings and other paid modes.

Link building is now becoming another popular way of improving the visibility. Here we link our website with external websites to top in the search engine results, thus in turn developing our rankings.


We all are aware of the largest SEM merchants Bing Ads and Google AdWords, who were the first to offer SEM services.

Some of the common ways for optimizing websites for search engine marketing involves

• Keyword research and analysis : The main aim is to find out the most popular and relevant keywords which are apt for our sites or our brands. We can then use them for generating traffic and ensuring its visibility in the search engine.

• Website saturation and popularity : Here we analyze the web presence in search engine using the number of pages of the website that are indexed and the link popularity achieved by the site.

• Back end tools : Tools like HTML validators, spider simulators and Web analytic tools helps us the measure the success of our website.

• Whois tools : Such tools offer information related to website ownership, copyright and trademark issues.

One can use both paid search results services offered by Bing Ads and Google AdWords, and organic search results service offered by any search engine. Paid services generally include paid advertising, pay per click, Directory Paid Inclusion, Graphical (Rich Media) Search Inventory and article submissions and XML (Per-URL) Paid Inclusion.

SEM is now gaining high popularity, marketers can have large benefits by improving their visibility to the searchers who are seeking information or are ready to purchase some brands.


SEM and Connecting Dots

Connecting Dots offers SEM expertise to help achieve top rankings of your brands on search engines. We have experts who will help you achieve your website rankings. We are also keeping close checks on the latest techniques for you and help you get on the top of search rankings as well as stay there continuously. We offer both Organic as well as Inorganic (read AdWords campaigns) services to help you.

Our search engine marketing services includes:

• Pay-Per-Click Management

• Link building

• Design campaigns

• Internet reputation management

• SEM content development

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