SEO has changed… Welcome to the brave new world!

Google recently came out with a path breaking update to its Algorithm (read more about it here). It is based on Semantic search where context becomes more and more important, it is moving into an arena where the search feels more intuitive, closer to real life scenarios of how our mind works. Will the search engines be able to get there, only time will tell. For now, the world is changing (and for better).

With this the old ways of doing search engine optimisation have changed. When applied correctly now it impacts many ways a business operates, changing it in the process. A concise look at what used to happen in the earlier days and how things are shaping up now helps quantify some of the changes you should be thinking about in your company or brand.

Here’s how SEO used to work in the past:

  • You would buy links because they increased your ranking on Google Search results.
  • You would put in a lot of efforts on Link building as that was the currency to good ranks (that gave birth to a whole link building industry)
  • You told your SEO company you wanted a list of keywords for your industry to rank on search, preferably on Google’s first page.
  • You would write thousands of words (or sometimes just put keywords brazenly without content) with keywords stuffed into it you were targeting, and you posted the content on your website so it would become more visible in search and aid in its ranking.
  • You spammed social bookmarking sites with links to your keyword-rich content without any consideration for engagement or interaction.
  • You created Social Media profiles, all the gazzilions of them out there ( because they have good page rank right?) and you rankings would zoom!

Well! NO MORE!

In the new SEO world the rules have changed, the old ways of workings won't work anymore, the new currency of success is content, loads of it, meaningful and relevant, here is what will actually have more impact now:

  • Good quality content that delivers value to the end-user.
  • Websites that offer an excellent online visitor experience (read: ease of use, content, and navigability).
  • Businesses that are being talked about on the Web, on blogs, and social networks.
  • Businesses whose content is reshared on the Web across social networks.
  • Businesses with a strong social component that actually engages their prospective customer in a way similar to a person.
  • Businesses that stay current and generate consistently fresh content proving that they both have something to say and that they are part of the current online conversation.

Key to all this, driving all the activity, is content. Content marketing has become so vital to all aspects of search engine optimization in the semantic web that it underpins many of the activities that your business or brand needs to engage in. I’ll cover more about Content Marketing in upcoming blog posts.

At Connecting Dots, we are evolving with the changing ecosystem of search. We keep ourselves up-to-date on what is happening in the industry so that we can help our clients leverage it well to grow their businesses. If you need any help in growing your business using SEO, SEM and Content Marketing, feel free to contact us.

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