Shipping Process in Magento

Shipping is vital for your eCommerce portals to become successful. You will have to think twice while deciding upon shipping and good customer service. The importance of within 24 hours shipping, no handling fee, product tracking number and quick delivery, all has to be decided, along with finding a way to save money and time.

Here we will discuss some of the backend process that is important in case of Magento Shipping Process.

When a customer place order, and has selected the payment mode, whether the payment is pending or not the system generates email and an SMS which includes information related to the order along with the Order ID. Remember that at this moment of time the order status is Pending.

Now in the Admin Panel, administrator verifies the status of the order and updates the status as Processing. For processing the order, one has to login to the Admin Panel and select the Orders tab in the Sales menu. Here select the Order ID for which you have to change the status. This is shown below.


The admin now invoices the order through email to both the customer and the accounts team. At this moment the Admin changes the status to Invoiced. For this select Orders from the Sales menu and select the Order ID for which you need to generate invoice. And then click on the Invoice tab.


Here you can find the complete details related to the order. You can make required changes here and click on Submit Invoice. This is shown below.


You can also add comments and notify your customers about the same. After receiving the invoice information the order is processed by the in-house team, at this point of time products are checked and made ready for shipping.

Now for selecting shipping and handling information, edit Shipping & Handling in the Shipping & Handling Information. Here choose the Custom Carrier, which is the shipping agency through whom the order will be shipped, from the drop-down list and save. After saving you will receive a tracking number from your courier company through email.


During this process the admin changes the order status to In Transit. Now after the product is shipped by the courier company, the admin changes the order status to Shipped.


This tracking number can be sent to the customers and for their reference through email and/or SMS along with the name and URL of the shipping agency to track the order. After delivering the product to the customer, the shipping agency updates their website and sends notification through email to the Admin. When the email is acknowledged by the Admin and is satisfied that the product is delivered, the Admin changes the order status to Completed.

One can also add comments related to the overall shipping status in the Comments History, and send the notifications to the customers through emails.


Shipping Extensions

Some of the best free shipping process extensions used for Magento content management that has added functionality to enhance the existing shipping methods includes WebShopApps MatrixRate, Multi-Flat Shipping and Tweakmag Shipping.

With this you can enjoying easy shipping process..

Hope this works!!

Here is an infographics for an easy quick look

Shipping Infographics

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