Some Interesting Magento Extensions

Based on our experience of working on numerous Magento projects, we have come across some interesting extension (read plugins), this series of blog posts is an effort to consolidate that knowledge so that anyone looking on Magento as an eCommerce portal option has a ready reference on what could be a good set of extensions to be picked up. I however suggest not to exceed 5-6 extensions per portal (read my earlier post on why)

1)    Express Checkout | One Step Checkout

Magento Express Checkout Extension allows customers to checkout easily by decreasing the six steps of checkout in to one. This extension is consistent, robust, carefully created and tested for the functionality to provide high quality one step checkout process to Magento store owners. This will help you improve conversion rates and in turn make more profits. It is a well documented extension and is used by more than 12000 Magento store owners. The user only needs to simply fill their address and choose the mode of payment, rather than completing each step in separate page.

2)    Customer Feedback Extension

This extension enables your customers to provide their feedback for your Magento website using the customer feedback extension. The Magento Feedback Extension from Biztech Consultancy offers you some extra facilities compared to the default review functionality available in Magento. This extension will allow customers to provide feedback for the entire Magento eCommerce website.

Product review helps customers to make better purchase decisions. Now by offering feedback for the entire store will in turn help you boost your reputation along with getting more sales. The store owner has the complete control over the feedback displayed. The feedback can be easily managed from the back-end of the admin panel. The customers are provided with user-friendly form which can be filled in less time. Notification emails are also sent to admin in case of new feedback entry. This extension can be enabled/disabled from back-end. To control the extension one needs to select Configuration in the System tab, and click on Biztech Extensions, and then on Feedback.

You need to clear your cache after installing the extension to work properly.

3)    Contact Map

Now you can easily add Google map to your contact page. Using this extension you can add your company or store addresses in the maps directly to your contact us page.This extension will help you to add store addresses to the website and navigate your visitors to the required store. One can create as many locations they want and will be displayed in a pleasing manner in a separate page.

4) User tracking, points system for loyalty members

Sweet Tooth is the leading extension offering points and loyalty programs for your Magento web-store. You can now reward your customers with points to encourage them to purchase more products regularly by engaging them in several loyalty programs. You can motivate your visitors by providing offers in case of first purchase and certain number of repeated purchases. You can offer rewards in case of customer referrals and sign ups. You can use tactics like double point weekend, coupons, points or limited time products. Also offer rewards for your customers if they use social websites to advertise your products like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest etc.

5)    Quick Login

 This extension helps customers to quickly login into your website. Also on the same screen they can see several options including Quick Login, Register, Forget password, and Newsletter Signup. FME’s M-AJAX Magento Extension facilitates your visitors with fast AJAX login process.  You can also use smart AJAX search along with cart view.

The Front End of this extension display several icons that help customers to navigate easily in your website. My Wishlist, My Cart, Check out, and Login or Register are some of them. It is equipped with a stylish slider option for login, which can be also used for registering.

6) Payment Gateway

There are a lot of payment extensions available for your Magento site. PaymentSense is a free online payment gateway and fully supports 3D secure transactions. The payment form hosted on PaymentSense do not require SSL certificate. There are several paid gateways available in Magento Connect.

7)    Social Login and Social Sharing

This extension lets your users register using their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Vkontakte or 20 more sites’ username. This will help you to increase your sign-up rate in turn creating more loyal customer base. This extension lets users share web contents in social networks resulting in referral traffic. One can select as many social network ID providers as one want. Not only this, the extension creates account for users who logged in using their existing IDs automatically.

8)     Photo Gallery Lite by MageWorld

Using this extension user can view albums, photos as thumbnail along with descriptions, and see full photo. In the back-end, admin can add/remove albums and photos, description supporting HTML tag. It is URL friendly and is easy to use, manage, and customize.

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