Start Driving Sales and Traffic through Pinterest

On Pinterest, we all know that we can share beautiful images, and this can be a great opportunity for online shopping, where one can cleverly present their products using visual impacts. For consumers, it is the best place to hunt for products and for brands it is like a gold mine to improve your revenue.

Here we will discuss why it is important for your business to have a Pinterest account and use it for promotions. Based on an analysis done by Shopify, it is found that Pinterest is the second largest social networking source for increase in traffic after Twitter.As an online merchant, there are several ways through which you can maximize your impact on Pinterest. You only need to choose the right content, run contests, and engage with your community.

Use of Rich Pins

Rich Pins are those pins that will include some extra information in the pin. Your customers can benefit with pins that will have information related to pricing and product availability on the Product Pins.Use of Rich Pins can help you improve Click-Through-Rates and discoverability. Another advantage of Rich Pins is price notification. In case you reduced the price of your product, customers who Re-pinned the product image will receive emails notifying the change in price that will prompt them to buy.

Pin Smart

Quality over quantity always matters and is the thumb rule in the field of eCommerce. With Pinterest, make it a note that you pin regularly. Volume matters in the case of Pinterest, try to be consistent and start pinning every new product, so that you engage frequently and keep your account fresh.

Understand what type of images work well on Pinterest and be sure that you will get most of the referral traffic from Pinterest than any other source.When selecting images for your product page make sure that they are highly Re-pinnable. Now, how to make your image Pinterest-worthy?

  • Keep it Anonymous- It is found that image without faces do receive 23% more Re-pins when compared to those with faces
  • Use Colour Wisely- The images that have multiple dominant colours are found to be Re-pinned 3.25 times more than the images dominated by a single colour. It is also found that red images work out well when compared to blue ones
  • Size Matters- Only use the images of your product pages that are at least 600 PX wide and the optimal Pin width being 736 PX which is the size of the Pinterest display. Taller pictures are more likely to be Re-pinned
  • Timing is Everything-Pin and engage when your customers are already logged in Pinterest. The time periods 2 to 4pm and 8 to 11pm are found to be the best times to Pin, but it always depends upon the type of customers and your location. Pinterest research also shows that there are certain categories that perform best on specific days of the week
  • You Need a Blog- Blogging is important for any eCommerce shopping portal. Use it to create beautiful contents that can also go on your Pinterest boards. Even if you are not a professional designer or photographer, you can find out several easy tools to create great content


Sell the Lifestyle

To get some good sales you need to inspire your audience. It is always good to create boards based on the lifestyle themes that also include products, rather than using just product boards.

Run Pinterest Contests

Running contests are the best way to increase engagement on your Pinterest.

If carried out in a proper way based on the platform parameters, these contests can drive sales and traffic to your eCommerce website.

The Power of Influencers

You can also partner up with Pinterest influencers and the bloggers to give your product some boost on the social network. Many brands gather new audiences just by inviting Guest Pinners who can create boards on their accounts. Certain influencers will charge fees for this service. Work with any Pinterest users whose audience look similar to your desired customers.

Engage Your Community

Involve your community that will help you increase engagement rate. Group Boards can be used that comprises of many contributors like customers, staff, or influencers that will be open for anyone to join. This will help you in creating content on your behalf. Contributing to others’ boards can also help you gain more exposure for your brand.

Try to encourage your customers to share their images along with your product, as this is a useful tactic for all fashion brands. All these pins must be linked back to your eCommerce web-store where Pinners can shop.

Start analyzing how you use Pinterest to reach your customers..

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