Start Using Social Media to Improve Sales

These days, for small business people, there are a lot of ways to promote the product or brand. Are you searching for some easy and cheapest way of brand promotion? Do you want to have a huge reach? Social media promotion can give you all that. We have seen a lot of entrepreneurs with whom we deal with feel that the impact isn’t worth the effort. This is because you invest less time in social media efforts and campaigns.

It is true that it is difficult to know the ROI generated from a social media campaign. Most of these determination tools are paid. This is why a small business owner who is not yet convinced about ROI does not make any investment in social media campaign. In case of social media ROI depends on a number of factors.

People say you can only grow your audience using social media. Is this an end? This is not our ultimate goal. We are using social media efforts just to sell some stuff and make some more money. Now, how can you trigger your social media audiences to purchase your products or services? Everything does not work for everybody, there is not sure shot way to it.

Still, here are some ways that have worked for others, hope this will help you too.

The general social media sales technique

What large companies with huge social media audiences do is that they either tweet or post to make their way to the money. We have this new product that has this this this quality and will make your life easier, so buy it. If you already have these products then why not use this product.

It is called direct triggering, that anyway works because of large audience reach. This is obvious. If you tell 1000 at least 100 will buy. This will trigger at least someone.

Generally, social media efforts offer long term wins. People will remember you and at times find you back on their timeline. However, getting direct buys is what we are fighting for as of now.

Large brands that have huge following can become social entities very easily. This will not work for small business.

Small business

Where should small business start? Take some social media efforts that are designed around your website. You must make it work along with your website, not just next to it. If you have a great idea that will help you promote products on social media, and site like Twitter limits your message to 140 characters, then utilize your optimized landing page that is on your website as it doesn’t have limitations. In case of small business, social media becomes a lead to sales. You can set up a shop app on the Facebook page, as with this you are lowering barriers as the visitors can become customers without leaving the social site. This is what our entire social sites don’t have yet!

Leading them to sale

Social media is where a person talks to many. Sales appear less in case of completely new products. When you are able to create some buzz around it, people might start thinking to buy it unconsciously. It becomes top of mind, and such buys happen deliberately.

Start early in case of new product and offers. Create a buzz about the release just by mentioning that it is only on sale next week and then start creating scarcity. Create the need or wish in people’s mind for your product or services. And guide the potential buyers using all your social media outlets to your website so that you can close the deal.

Direct selling using the social media is on its way, and will be a great opportunity for small businesses. People can now look forward to read about the new products on Twitter and Facebook and then hit the ‘Buy’. Social sites like Pinterest will take some time to implement such Buy buttons and thus it will require visitors to click on links to another website.

Most of the small businesses are still not aware of the shop apps available in the Facebook. Start digging about it today and we assure you that it will help you, especially when you have some local followings on Facebook.

Talking about the current social media sales efforts, it will help you to trigger specific sales using your optimized landing pages.