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At Connecting Dots, we love working with Startups. Entrepreneurs are the flag bearers of a better world, the dreamers whose visions shape the future of our humanity. At Connecting Dots, we understand the challenges and needs of a startup organisation. Our Co-Founders have years of experience working and helping Entrepreneurs globally. Startups needs are very different in many areas than a established business organisation. At Connecting Dots we believe in partnering with entrepreneurs right from the idea stage through the complete product life-cycle. We believe in adding value to every stage of the product life cycle and are passionate advocates of the products we build. We strongly believe that our client’s success defines our success.

In order to sustain and thrive in this competitive world where your competition is also fighting for the share of limited  no. of eyeballs, the first release or in technology parlance the version 1.0 of your solution must make an WOW impression. This is where Connecting Dots can help you. With a wealth of experience behind us, we will help put vision to your idea and launch a successful venture.

We design our solutions keeping in mind the nature of your startup and its DNA. We usually start with a discovery phase asking numerous questions related to your vision about the product and your vision for the business, we also understand that you might not have all the answers. This is where the knowledge and the experience of our experts will come in handy. We can guide you and provide valuable recommendations and insights into aspects not thought of before. We will work closely with you to understand your business requirements; helping us in conceptualizing a solution tailored for your unique needs.

We take on a consultative role during the development of a user experience that is best suited for your target audience; we assist you with choosing the right technology for your startup and we assist you in phasing out the project in a manner that delivers maximum value to your target audience but also is in sync with your cash flows and timelines.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you must consider Connecting Dots as the technology partner for your startup:

Experience with Startups

Our founding team brings forth more than a decade of experience of working with start-ups, having worked with more than 100 start-ups and entrepreneurs during our careers; we bring with us hands-on knowledge of the pitfalls and the teething problems typically associated with start-up ventures.

We understand the uncertainty associated with startups and we absorb a lot of the uncertainty in an attempt to maximize the chances of your success.

Business Focused Approach to Technology

At Connecting Dots we believe that Technology and Development augment business and future business potential of your startup. During the product development life cycle we wear multiple hats:

-       We think from the end customer perspective and how he/she would use your product and what we should do to help make life easier and better, our usability suggestions, some feature and functionality suggestions come from this thought process.

-       We think from your perspective when we suggest the most scalable, cost effective, fastest time to market solution for you, so that you realise your dreams and aspirations faster and better.

-       We think from the perspective of industry and our previous experiences in working with similar areas, we bring our knowledge and understanding while we discuss the best possible technology road map for you.

Magento Development Service

Your Development Partner

As your development partner, we understand that the choice of technology and processes shape the product and your business, we are proud of our top notch architects and solution advisors who work with you tirelessly to understand your needs and design the development process suited to the them.

Iterative Development

At Connecting Dots, we typically, adopt an agile and iterative approach to development that includes shorter development and releases cycles giving you a fair idea of the progress, you see the product and get to use the feature/functionalities as they are built. We also understand that products also evolve during the course of development and that makes the development process dynamic in nature.

Faster Time-To-Market

We understand the importance of getting the first version of your solution to market quickly. As your development partner, the task of identifying, training and managing all your diverse IT resources is our responsibility, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. Additionally, by putting into place shorter development and release cycles leads to lower risks. We help you leverage our development team and work on optimum team sizes that allow for the shortest possible “go live”.

We utilise open source technologies to cut down on cost of development, deployment and maintenance. With a plethora of open source frameworks, making a choice based on support and quality of the components requires expertise. Our architects have extensive experience with open source components thereby ensuring that we pick up the correct tools, keeping your unique requirements in mind. This helps us design a highly robust, customised and scalable solution keeping the total cost of ownership as low as possible with fastest time to market.

Flexible Engagement Models

 We understand that you are going through a dynamic exciting, yet an uncertain and shaky phase in your career, we offer to help absorb some of that with our flexible modes of engagement.

-       You can engage with us for a project of a fixed duration & cost or

-       You can choose to hire the services of dedicate resources on a Time and Material Model.

-       We can explore a success based engagement model as well: Here we charge a partial fee for the development process and rest of the project cost is recovered when the product goes live and you start earning your revenue.

-       We also offer a unique model called E- Teammate, where we can hire employees for you as per your specific needs and also integrate them into your organisation at a later period if/when you are ready to hire them on your own. We can thereby incubate a development centre for you and take away that risk during your development phase.

-       A mix of all the above can also be worked out.

We offer you the flexibility of starting off with a single resource and scale up to any number of resources, based on your needs. Conversely, you can always scale down the number of resources that you need.

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