Sweepstakes and Free Gifts to Improve Your eCommerce Business

Everyone gets attracted to anything that offers something extra. Giving out free stuffs can help you to improve the existing business and loyal customers that will in turn help you to start a new business. A study done by the internetretailer.com shows that certain online eCommerce shopping portals have improved their followers by around 14.4% and this has also helped in improving   referral traffics by 140% just by using free gifts, lucky draws and good deals.

There are a lot of applications available like ViralSweep offered by 3dcart that will help the online merchants to decide on optimum giveaway strategies. These apps will have rich features that can be advantageous for your online business. Here, we will discuss how one can utilize these apps in their online eCommerce business.

Embedded Sweepstakes

These sweepstakes app scan be easily embedded into any eCommerce website and in the social networking pages. This will help you in maximizing the opportunity to make people know about what you have in store for them, in turn collect more entries and thus increase conversion rates.

Email Addresses

In case you have enough amount of customers’ contact in your database, don’t be satisfied with that. These apps have features that will help you to host lucky draw or raffles. You can notify your customers about this using their email addresses. These features will help you to become popular among the online shoppers and will also help you to gather even more potential customers who will shop from your online portal or will be ready to subscribe your newsletters. These apps generally have an automatic email integration that will cause these addresses to get transferred immediately to the email address list or to the newsletter manager.

New User Incentives

Using such online apps can improve your social media presence and online marketing. You just need to ask your followers to like and share the sweepstakes and other such offers on the social media websites or refer friends, and in turn can give them small offers and bonus entries. Through this approach, your visitors will be excited to know what you will offer them every time and this will make them to follow you as they will then have some likelihood of being selected by you as a winner.

Mobile Apps

It is time that your old age website needs to be converted into responsive websites as more and more people are finding it convenient to access the Internet and online shopping portals using their Smartphones or tablets. Thus, it is necessary that all your websites and apps to be mobile optimized and be compatible with the widest range of devices that we come across these days.


Analytics has become an important factor for any online business. It will help you to know who has visited your website and how far they have gone in the path to conversion. You can also know about the number of likes and shares you have gathered using the raffles, deals and free gifts strategies. You can also know about the referrals. The analytics offered by the sweepstakes apps will help you gain a lot of advantages out of it.

Custom Widget

You can use full-page widgets on all or certain pages of your website to let the visitors know about your offers. You can also use pop-up type widgets on the lower part of your website that will instantly attract a visitor’s eye still not annoying them.

Styles and Forms

It is always good to use the apps in such a way that it will reflect your company and your branding that are available on your product images. One can easily achieve the desired style and forms while using these apps. You can select the form fields that you wish to add so as to collect the data from the visitors. You can include registration forms that include basics like the name, contact address, contact number, and email address. You can even add more fields as this will help you to study your potential customers at a later stage.


These apps generally have fixed templates of rules which can be easily modified based on your requirements.

These apps will help you to create a lot more offers and deals for your online store. These apps will also help you in gathering more email list, social media followers, keep track of conversion and finally capture more leads and improve profit.

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