Targeting Local Shoppers Based On Gender

eCommerce shopping portals have come up a long way within a few years time. People can now buy whatever they want in just a few clicks. But, studies show that people are still interested in doing the majority of their shopping in person. Based on a research conducted by Consumer Commerce Monitor of BIA/Kelsey, 66.6% of men and 65.2% of women shop in-person from their local source.

Since, it is clear that consumers are interested in making direct purchases from their physical location, it is necessary that eCommerce marketers reach these locations to improve their sales. Mobile marketing is a good option and have shown a difference in the way people shop. It is found that women are more attracted towards social networking, so social campaigns and advertisements that show your local presence is important. Since Facebook has become commonly used and trusted social media site, establishing a Facebook page with local presence will help you attract women shoppers. Using these pages you can improve online engagement focusing on your potential women customers.

Men, on the other hand, are more engaged with their mobile devices. They are also found to use more of the traditional media than compared to their women counterparts who are more into latest medium. Thus, television is the most used source of local shopping for men. Thus, to effectively reach the male population, local eCommerce businesses should use advertising in the traditional media. Traditional medium can be also used to drive traffic towards their online shopping portals.

It is also found that men are more into using online payments using their cards than women. Thus, it will be effective to offer cash on delivery of the services that is meant for women. Men engage more in the mobile loyalty programs and such programs can help improve registration and purchase by the men.

It is found that in the coming years, both small and medium businesses operating locally will be able to access large amount of customer data. This will substantially improve their ability to reach their potential local customers and build a personalized in-store experience. This will also help them to compete in a better way and gather social media attention, and improve their brand in the online marketing channel.  

It is high time for the local retailers to close the data gap between the online retail. This is important because, even though we hear a lot of online shopping these days and their impact on the local retailers, still the fact is, online commerce only represents 6% in the US, based on a study done by IBM.

Online eCommerce websites have the advantage of access to a large amount of consumer data. Local retailers who work in collaboration with these online portals will be able to access these data and improve the number of their customers. Also, they can use this data to serve their customers in a better way and offer good products. By working in hand small local business owner can know where their potential buyers are and what they are interested in. By focusing on the engagement model in the social networking sites, one can reach their customers in the same ways as big brands do.

Small and medium local and eCommerce businesses need to adopt the available technologies to discover who their potential customers really are. After analyzing all the aspects of their customers and their personal data, one needs to develop strategies that target potential customers who fit the profile.

Brand Building

Even though online shopping happens due to online campaigns, search engines, and mobile applications, brand building happen mainly due to social media campaigns and traditional media advertisements. One can now reach their consumers based on location tracking, available in the social media mobile apps.

The increasing availability of data to local small and medium businesses will be a huge opportunity for these businesses, which will help them discover who their customers are and what they actually want to buy. Knowing all such information will help them in organizing targeted brand marketing campaigns on the social and local media websites.

So start focusing on the targeted customers based on their gender difference as discussed above, along with finding ways to collaborate with local businesses and your eCommerce portal is sure to drive some more conversions.

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