The Latest Magento EE Edition

The latest Magento EE has resolved some of the main issues faced by the other earlier versions. The main changes that took place in the latest version are:

  • The customers will not be able to apply for a coupon based on any inactive shopping cart price rule to make a purchase.
  • The customers who use a Smartphone or other such viewport will now be able to expand the subcategories in the online shopping portal using the new responsive theme.
  • The new mobile friendly responsive sites are much faster than the earlier version. Thus, speeding up the time taken to shop and freeing resources for other projects.
  • Since the latest EE version provides responsive sites, it has the potential search engine optimization (SEO) benefits as it uses the Google favoured sites optimizing approaches.
  • The new Magento EE 1.14 supports Solr versions up to 3.6.2. Thus, it offers efficient catalog indexing that is automatic at the background and results in better administrative performance.
  • Supports PHP 5.4
  • Improvements in the Checkout procedure:
  • Upgraded the Zend Framework to 1.12.3 version.
    • Bill Me later Options are now available for your customers.
    • More smooth PayPal Express Checkout options that provide alternative payment options when a credit card is rejected.
    • You can now enable or disable order review page.
    • Removes the requirement of clicking Update Order before Place Order

Now let us take a look a little more deeply into the latest changes. The main changes that took place in Magento EE 1.14 are in the case of Security and Tax Calculations.

Security Enhancements

  • The cross-site scripting problem while creating configurable product variants was resolved.
  • A potential security issue that resulted in the display of information related to different order was rectified.
  • In case the shoppers are using the payment method PayPal Website Payments Standard then they can no longer change the currency.
  • Enhanced file system security.
  • Improved the security in case of action URLs like billing agreements.
  • Resolved session fixation vulnerability in case of checkout.
  • Enhanced the security of the Magento randomness function.

The Changes That Were Made

  • The default setting in case of configurable and bundled products has changed in the Admin Panel. So now when you click Products attribute in Manage tab and then click on the Design tab, the Display Product Options In default option is changed to Product Info Column.
  • The Latest version has disabled Google Websites Optimizer as it was deprecated by Google.
  • New options have been introduced to "clickjacking" in case your Magento is running in a frame. Still for security reasons it is better that you don’t run Magento software in a frame.
  • Changes in the FedEx endpoints in case of sandbox and production:
    • Sandbox:
    • Production:
  • Magento EE 1.14 offers a fix to the issue that prevented some Discover credit card number ranges from being recognized as valid. This issue has been fixed and now all Discover cards are validated properly.
  • In case you are using the Solr search engine, you no longer have to manually re-index the Catalog Search Index if you are using EE 1.14 version
  • The default values for certain configuration options were changed as follows:
    • Products per Page on Grid Allowed Values as 12, 24, 36.
    • Products per Page on Grid Default Value as 12.
  • Changes to PayPal Express checkout:
    • Changes to both Proceed to Checkout and to Pay With PayPal:
      • Customers now can’t edit their billing address on the PayPal site and the billing address is also not displayed on the PayPal site.
      • Magento CE now uses the customer's PayPal address and not the address stored in Magento CE. When the customer is redirected to the PayPal site, they can click the Change next to their payment method to change it.
      • The Magento administrator can now set the billing address information in the Admin Panel.
    • Changes to Pay With PayPal only:
      • The Magento administrator can set to the customer's PayPal shipping address as the customer's billing address if he doesn’t require the customer's billing address.
      • The Magento administrator can set the customer's PayPal billing address as the customer's billing address.
      • On the PayPal site, the customer can click the Change button next to their shipping address to change the address. The customer can choose any shipping address that is configured with PayPal.
    • Changes to Proceed to Checkout only:
      • No Change link is displayed next to the customer's shipping address on the PayPal site.
      •  The user can now select the Use as preferred shipping address check box to instruct PayPal to change their shipping address.

Tax Calculation

  • Fixed price and dynamic price bundled products in which the price is configured to include tax, now display prices correctly regardless of tax settings.
  • The latest version resolved one cent rounding error in the case Fixed Product Tax (FPT) was enabled and the option Apply Discount to FPT was set as Yes.
  • Resolved issues in calculating the credit memo amount in case FPT are discounted and in case customer purchases more than one item.


There are several fixes in the new version of Magento EE We will discuss them in detail.

Web Store and Shopping Cart Fixes

  • The new EE 1.14 has full-page caching enabled:
    • Thus, customers now will not be able to view each other's wish list or any previously viewed products.
    • The product ratings block automatically refreshes in the storefront when a new rating is approved.
    • Tier pricing is calculated correctly.
  • Resolved an error raised while navigating a product in one category to upsell product in different categories.
  • A customer can now update the quantities of items in a mini shopping cart from the My Account page.
  • The Minimum Advertised Price pop-up works correctly in the shopping portal when a customer clicks Click for price.
  • The "customer since" date is perfectly displayed.
  • Switching stores while viewing products with store-scoped URL keys now works as expected.
  • Enabling Display Out of Stock Products to Yes, no longer displays all products as out of stock.
  • Entering the accented characters in the zip code field while checkout now results in a validation error instead of exception message.
  • Gift card codes are now sent only after an item is purchased.
  • Resolved issues while applying 100% discount for an order.
  • Customers are now not redirected to the home page when they have permission to view a category.
  • Discount amounts are correctly displayed in the case of products with custom options.
  • Issues in placing orders using PayPal Payments Advanced or PayPal Payflow Link in Internet Explorer 9 are resolved.

Promotional Price Rule Fixes

The following fixes are related to administering and using catalog price rules and shopping cart price rules:

  • Shopping cart price rules are applied properly to grouped products.
  • Two catalog price rules applied to same product work correctly.
  • The setting Stop Further Rules Processing is privileged.
  • A user with read-only privileges in Admin Panel cannot save changes to price rule.
  • Applying the shopping cart price rule now doesn’t display the exception.
  • Coupon codes can be applied to products eligible for price rule.

Fixes in Administrative Ordering, Invoicing and Credit Memo

  • In case a customer places order for a product on the Website and administrator with privileges to all websites removes that product. When an administrator with access to only that Website attempts to create an RMA for deleted product, the administrator now don’t see an error message instead, he gets Access Denied message.
  • Resolved incorrect calculation of the amount in case of discounted items based on shopping cart price rule.
  • The credit memo amount is calculated perfectly when processing partial invoice with a discount.
  • Making comments in credit memo no longer return items to stock.

Import Fixes

  • A product having custom attribute set imports effectively.

Payment Method Fixes

  • In case the guest checkout is disabled, a customer now will have to log in to check out using PayPal Express.
  • Eliminated the errors in case of logs when any administrator selected Payment Methods attribute under the System > SALES tab in Configuration.
  • One can now use New Zealand dollars as base currency while using the eWAY Direct payment bridge.
  • The store credit is applied properly in case of using Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution.
  • If you choose the merchant country as Germany (DE), then guest checkout is disabled in case of express checkout method and the PayPal Website Payments Standard.

Solr Search Engine Fixes

  • Removed a fake error in the logs when Solr is used as the search engine.
  • Solr now sorts search results based on score.
  • A quick search using SKU now works in the Solr search engine even if the SKU contains hyphen characters.
  • While using layered navigation filtering, it no longer returns wrong results.
  • Resolved the issues where the search results were not displayed properly after Magento upgrade.
  • Catalog navigation now works properly.
  • Products now displays as expected in the categories even if the products have Date attribute in the option Used for Sorting in Product Listing set as Yes. There are no exceptions in the Magento logs after re-indexing.
  • Rectified the sorting order of products searched using SKU.
  • Solved the issues in Solr where the product search results were not returned properly.
  • Search results now don’t include products that are Disabled or Out of Stock.

Other Fixes

  • Restored the images on the customer's Reward Points page.
  • Categories on the web-store displays with spaces between category names.
  • A user can now initiate a return from the web-store itself.
  • An administrative user can now subscribe to the low stock RSS feeds without any errors.
  • Category URLs work as expected.
  • No fatal error displays if a role-restricted user previews newsletter in the Admin Panel.
  • Google Sitemap files has included.html suffix for the category and product URLs.
  • Customers can now use the advanced search on the storefront, having Magento EE configured if it uses the default MySQL Full-text search engine and if the server uses MySQL 5.6.
  • A role-restricted user can now preview newsletter in the Admin Panel to which that user has privilege.
  • You can update changes to a category that has over 1,000 products.
  • Deactivating one of several banners will no longer give exceptions.
  • Rectified the issues with WSDL cache.
  • Improved the effectiveness of product searches.
  • Resolved the issues with a full page cache crawler.
  • Resolved issues with DHL International shipping method.
  • Resolved errors in the layered navigation.
  • Resolved SQL error caused while attempting to assign bundled product to another website.
  • Rules-based product relations work as expected after saving.
  • Solved the issue in sending duplicate Content-Type headers in case of using mod_fastcgi with Apache web server.

So start using the new Magento EE now!!

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