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The year 2013 has laid the beginning of several changes in digital marketing in terms of consumer optimization and the conversion trends. Crowd funding has seen its importance and the maximize use of mobile in our lives have opened a new way for digital marketing. This year was amazing for marketers, with several changes happening in eCommerce. The importance of Content Marketing was recognized. Use of social media for marketing became more prominent. People now shop from their phones, and seek all sorts of content in every way possible.

Mobile Shopping

Several shopping apps have been designed this year, taking eCommerce to another level. Apps like Wanelo offer users an insight on the latest trends and also enable multi-store browsing along with payment gateways. Sites like Pinterest have been great attraction, and have gained a lot of engagement, but with the power of buying. And speaking of the big ones, like Amazon, of course has dominated consumer engagement and conversion in 2013 and is all set to knock out other market leaders in 2014.

Tablet shopping was a game changer this year. This had helped in the rising of new brands, and offering beyond the shopping experience. Mobile was also used for sharing information related to buying experience, socializing, and navigating promotions. It is found that globally, websites gets more traffic from tablets than compared to smartphones.

It is found that the overall digital advertisement spending in the U.S. has grown up by 14% as compared to the last year and has been more focused on mobile as is expected to grow exponentially

Lets have a more detail look:

Digital Marketing

Content Is Everywhere

This year content and content marketing gained its importance, and several marketers have started realizing the need of content in every format, every place and in every device.  Adaptive content strategies were implemented, and transition of traditional content to integrated content took place. Cross-media marketing took hold.

Turning Point of Google

The updation of Google algorithm in the mid of this year (HummingBird.. remember?) has opened up the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The move to semantic search and the importance of context has made a huge impact on how the marketers approach SEO. The loss of importance of keywords and the use of enhanced web analytics (Universal analytics) to keep track of website visitation by the marketers have helped enhance digital marketing even more.

Facebook advertising

This year social media marketing has expanded abruptly, with Facebook advertising catching the attention of all marketers. This has helped in brand promotion, easy engagement of marketers in social conversations with their consumers, and in turn understanding their requirements. People have started trusting products shared by their friends and family eventually offering more customers. This trend will evolve even more in 2014, with more social advertising methods coming up.

Location marketing

The increased use of social media marketing and mobile advertising has gained significant consumer trends opening up a new world of location and/ or proximity marketing. In the coming future brands will collect information about the physical location of a user in order to serve them with the information about the brands as possible.

2014 will be a turning point for location marketing, as brands will adopt such methods for completely taking advantage of the mobile revolution. Marketers are eagerly waiting for such tools to come in the market so as to reach the consumers in every way possible and so that their business can flourish.

Online Video and Micro Video marketing tactics

Earlier, television use to be the only medium of video advertising which in turn consumers irritant due to it being forceful in nature. With the coming up of YouTube etc., online video marketing has been expanding continuously. Now consumers interested in a brand can find information through online videos and micro videos very easily. The impact of video marketing on digital marketers will be improvement in fluidity and positive customer experience and interaction.

2013 has opened a wide area for expanding Digital Marketing.. With Google not stopping it’s never ending process of updating and emergence of new online marketing tactics, there is a lot more waiting to come in the world of Digital Marketing.