There is No More the First Page of Google!

First Page of Google

The quest to get a good website ranking will never end as a place on the first page of Google search results has been the aim of every organization. But recently Google turned it upside down again! There is not more the first page of google. It is your first page in google's results... There is a difference.. let me explain...

The introduction of semantic search has brought a lot of changes. Earlier when Web was based on a website, search engine optimization was much simpler business. Website owners only wanted quick rise in search and a permanent place on the first page. For this Keywords and link building was enough.

But, is this relevant to us now?

Today, search engine optimization will be incomplete if done for website alone. Suspect linking strategies, bad content, and use of anchor tags will not work anymore. Even now keywords are not of much use. Without freshly created content your website will be left alone, forgotten and eventually abandoned. With this getting into the first page of Google, which used to be the tag of success, only required good and informative content. Thus began the fragmentation of Google search.

So is the first page of Google still there?

From a visual view point, the first page is still there. When we carry out a search query on Google, the first page will appear followed by other pages numbered in sequence. What has disappeared is the notion of first page. Earlier when a search query was given, the search result pages used to be same for all. But, with the introduction of localization and personalization in search in 2004, the case is entirely different. The intention was to offer best search results for any query. Google also customized its search engine results pages. It has now got the capability to analyze where you are from based on your IP address. So a local search query will return different results for different people searching from different region. Not only this, Google also has the ability to analyze your previous search queries. Based on these search queries, Google can now understand what kind of search result you are expecting, which may vary from person to person.

Google wants to make search a seamless experience, and to do that it has created one of the largest vertical environments in the world. Globally, Google holds 80% of search market share. Google Chrome is the leading browser in the world in terms of usage, and YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and now Google+ has become the second largest social networking site after Facebook. Android holds 70% of global market share of Smartphone. Don’t forget Google Maps and Google Translate which are now being widely used by almost everyone.

So, the best way to reach success is to consider how to create best quality and unique content that will offer precise solutions to problems that your target audience have. The ability to provide good content that has real value in terms of the search and that are worth resharing, is the main thing that needs to be considered. Since there is no single first page for Google, with the help of personalization of you can create a lot more “first page” opportunities.

Creating good content needs:

•  Deciding the type of content that you need to prepare, its subject matter and its frequency.

• Framing proper strategies for generating best quality engagement in social media networks and promotes awareness of your brand that will help to improve your website traffic.

• Deciding strategies for having greater depth of interaction with your followers so that you always stay in their topic of discussion.

• Planning to implement new tools for SEO based on the current marketing trends.

• Implementing strategies to make the existing content on your website fresh and resharable.

• Integrating mobile marketing in your current content promotion plans.

• Creating opportunities to display videos, structured data and snippets in search engine result pages.

• Making sure that the title and description tags created for every content that your business or brand generates will be reflecting a concise marketing message or brand value.

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