Time for Wearables in the eCommerce

Internet of things! Wearable computing!.. devices, clothes and every ‘thing’ now becomes interactive and talks to each other to give you real time, usable, intelligent and actionable information. Life becomes faster, more efficient and evolution take a huge new leap! Are we talking about an alien world some eons from now? NO.. we are just too near to becoming a connected ecosystem.. Computing power will permeate in almost everything we do and do with. Its just around the corner and coming your way.. Lets deep dive into some wearable computing devices and see how the future is going to look.

Wearable technology in the form of clothing and accessories has attracted a lot of techies. The technology mainly incorporates advanced electronic gadgets in a wearable manner. Google Glass had created a lot of buss in the world. Now it is the time for arms, ears etc. to create the same buzz. It has become like a race of wearable tech. We will have to wait and watch that which wearable will lead the mark on eCommerce?

Pebble Steel Smart watch

The Pebble Smartwatches appeal that they will make the checking of apps and its notifications faster and more suitable as compared to your Smartphone, without any need of searching through your purse or pockets. You just need to twist your wrist in the same way as you check the time. Using this Smartwatch you can easily download third-party compatible apps directly. One can also download eCommerce Applications. It will also serve as an eCommerce notification tool, that will provide location-based offers and discounts that will become an added advantage for the eMarketers.


Garmin Vivofit

The Vivofit fitness and lifestyle gadget offered by Garmin also has gathered a lot of attention. Ones these bands were used to track your exercise counts, but recently it has eveolved as a lookalike of Smartwatch, which again offers notifications along with your time. These fitness bands are embedded with sensors, which will collect your lifestyle data and will also share this data with the apps.


So now if an e-Marketer creates marketing alliances with Garmin they can provide different offers for the Vivofit users along with loyalty rewards to meet their goals. Sensors can be used by the e-Marketers to connect and communicate with the customers’ band to share data using e-Marketers’ mobile app.

Moverio Glasses

Moverio Glasses has two lenses which will help you in offering better supports along with augmented reality with the ability to display semi-transparent proper images. This can help eMaketers a lot by utilizing this ability. Using these abilities eMarketers can start offering virtual try-on features in their eCommerce application. They can also offer brand videos, social content etc. to the customers. Customers can use Moverios glasses and experience augmented reality using this device.


Using this gadget e-Marketers can track what customer looks to, how long they gaze the product, and what they buy. The device can easily collect all these data that are valuable for the e-Marketers.

Smart Headset

We also have Jarvis headset offered by Intel which easily integrates with the existing personal assistant applications, and serves like a hands-free Siri app that will always listen to you. This headset will be more appealing as compared to Google glass if you want such functionality.


Generally eCommerce business requires a lot of use of search, and this technology offers hands-free and easy search that will locate any item both locally or online just by using the voice commands. So now one can dictate the shopping list to the device, and ask to make it ready for pick up at the store after a specified time. Isn’t that sounds interesting?

One can also you mobile wallet, where payment can be made just by verifying the voice tone password.

Bluetooth Jewellery

We can also get a lot of Smart jewellery in the near future. This might include necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that will also deliver hands-free notifications. These jeweleries might also change color to match your clothing.


This gadget currently has low potential to be used in eCommerce and marketing activities as compared to the above listed gadgets.


With Wearable commerce the issues related to limited or lack of proper user interface will not matter anymore.

Now it all depends on which gadget is going to survive this wearable tech race and how well they offer customer experiences. So be ready to get your gadget..

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