Utilize Triggered Emails to Make Your Customers Come Back

The world of eCommerce is expanding day by day. Your customers are increasing even more quickly. Now that they have tasted the flavour of eCommerce and its benefits, why not make them come back for more? It is not that easy in this world of competition. What about the tough competition? Aren’t your competitors trying hard like you to win the customers’ attention? Then how will you make customers’ heads turn towards you? Start finding effective ways to stop them getting distracted by your competitors and make them come back to you for repeated purchases.

For this we are here this time with triggered email or which is also known as lifecycle email that is a form of email marketing automation and is a very effective tool to attract customers.

Now what is this triggered email?

In a simple sense these triggered emails are those emails that are sent out to the customers or the potential customers based on some unique action that they perform that initiates the email. To make you better understand triggered emails consider these cases:

  • An email related to abandoned cart is send out after a few minutes when a customer had already added items to the cart and started to check out on your eCommerce website but due to some reason did not complete the checkout process.
  • You can send a series of emails to welcome the new customer and introduce yourself to the customer. Here you can include details about your loyalty programs, returning policies, shipping, social media presence, etc.
  • A come back and win email that is sent after 90 days from the time the customer made the last purchase along with a discount, to make them come back and do a buy.
  • Emails that includes new products that customers might have searched for or the items that were not available and have been launched recently.
  • A request for review is sent out two weeks after an order is delivered to ask the customer how they liked the product and to make them post their thoughts about the same.
  • A recommendation email mentioning products that might go well with the products that they have recently picked up.
  • A wishlist reminder to make customers aware that the items in their wishlist are almost getting out of stock.
  • A birthday email on their birthday offering some special discount “Just for them.”

Yeah! Now haven’t you got a better idea what these triggered emails in general are?

Just by sending triggered emails is not enough. Everyone has Smartphones these days, it’s sure that they are going to utilize it to view your triggered emails. Then why not offer them an excellent mobile shopping experience? Now how can you do that?

It is obvious that you have to use responsive email templates for all your triggered emails. Customers are prone to use mobile phones for almost everything these days, if you do not make your emails mobile worthy people will not look into your mails. Use appropriate sized images and calls to action in such a way that they quickly grab customers’ attention.

Now, don’t forget about the dynamics, which is also important for world class mobile shopping experience as you can’t predict how and when your customer will check and act upon your triggered emails.

Consider a case that your customer is relaxing at their house and browsing your website on their mobile device and just as they get on to the checkout point they hear a knock on the front door. Thus, they have to abandon the checkout on their device. Then sometimes later they receive this abandoned cart triggered email and have now got time to complete the checkout process so they get back to your site and complete the purchase.

You only have to make sure that the call to action that you have added in the abandoned cart email completely restores the items your customer had added into the cart so that they don’t have to do everything again.

Another way to grab your customers is when sometime they enter your shopping portal from your triggered emails that offer discounts then try automatically applying the discount coupon code to their cart upon the click through saving the time taken by them to copy and paste the code. It will be also good if you can make them login automatically upon clicking through the email along with their shipping address and billing information being already made ready.

With this you can save your customers and also make them save their time.

Dear all, it’s time that you start sending the right email at the right time to grab more customers.

Think ahead of the old age traditional email blasts. Focus on the relevance and timeliness of every email that you sent. Let your emails bring happiness to your customers and we assure you, this will give you a nice jump in your revenue.

So make your bullets ready and start triggering today itself!