Video Shops: Does it Work?

Video shops are not a new concept, it has great potential to boost your sales. Still, in spite of the pros, very less merchants have used it. What is the reason for this, when we all know that a single video can offer more impact on the visitors as compared to several images?

Does this means that video shops are underrated?

Here we will discuss why video shops are not that popular.

Video shops are lagging behind from other marketing techniques mainly because online merchants and brands are unaware of this technology and its potential. The issues related to the unproven ROI and lack of proper case study makes marketing department hesitant to try it out. Brands and retailers may be in an assumption that customers may not be ready to shop this way. There are chances that video shops lack certain product detail information that buyers want to know before shopping.

Potential Problems Related To User Experience

  • Clickable links and buttons will be too small or may not be recognized and thus create less interactive hotspots
  • Hotspots not appearing for a long time and other technical issues like overlapping of texts and links, improper response from the hotspots
  • The video may not pause or stop when certain clicks or engagement is done

 Advantages Of Video Shops

  • One can better utilize the existing contents like images and other information, and turn them for more influential content marketing
  • Create online advertisements that are more active
  • Help one create more engaging content for the affiliates and PR campaigns
  • Videos make it easy to measure conversion rates, engagement metrics and ROI of content marketing

Some of the most commonly found Video Shops are TRESemmé that includes a shopping bag in its video. The products are recommended directly for online purchase.

Video Shop1               

It is always good to use video shops to help customers locate your brand and make things faster that offer a different value to the customers leading them to complete the conversion.

Another common example is MAC Cosmetics that has turned its videos into the product pages. The video plays without any interruption. The featured products are displayed on the sidebar. One can easily select the product and add to their shopping cart, where the customer is directed to the cart page on the eCommerce website.

Video Shop2

Joyus, a video shopping portal started by the former Google executive Sukhinder Singh Cassidy. Using such video platform, Joyus states that they have found it to be pretty useful and that the conversion rate has increased almost by 5.15 times. It is also found that the viewers of the video buy at the rate of 4.9 times more than those who do not watch the video. The online video has helped Joyus to drive both product sales and improve return on investment (ROI).

Video Shop3

Tips to start your first video shop campaign

Start Slowly

Since it is not proven as a mainstream tactic to boost conversion it is better to start experimenting slowly without getting involved too much into it. Try out one video campaign, check how it goes and then evaluate it. There are several an interactive agencies that can help you out in creating video shops like LiveClicker, Pokeware and WireWax etc.

Test your Video Shops

Test different types of video within a certain segment like a video that focuses only on a single product to that of a video that focuses on multiple products. Also try creating a shoppable and a simple version of the same video, and use it in your homepage. Then analyze the engagement that you receive from both types of videos. Understand which one has better ability to drive conversion.


Just creating a video shop will not work. You need to promote it in different channels. Upload your shoppable video on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, link it with your emails, your blogs, etc. This is how it will work.

Constantly Maintain Your Landing Pages

There are chances that the products that are featured in the video may be sold out. In such cases it is important to focus on the landing pages that link to these videos. It is important that you handle the sold-out items properly. It is better if you can make your landing pages stay live and offer product recommendations prominently.

This will help you in saving the opportunity that you have received to sell the product through the video. The product page URL need not be accessible. It is also good to have a video shop that shows the current available collection. Thus, in case a product is sold-out, customer can be linked to this current collection video during a call to action.

Start your video shops today, it is better to give a try rather than continuing with low ROI.

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