Ways To Brighten Customer Experience

With the continuous efforts of competing with the big ones like Amazon.com, smaller online eCommerce websites are able to find success only by offering either a unique product or by offering the best in class and outstanding customer experience. You might already have an online eCommerce store, so to drive visitors you need to improve your customer experience of your online store. Have you succeeded in this?? And are you sure about it??

It is easy to change the overall experience in the case of normal brick and mortar stores, but when it comes to online stores, the things started becoming a lot more complicated. Since the in-person experience is absent in this case, you need to identify ways to improve your customer experience, so that your store will have something unique from the normal online stores.

Here we will discuss how we can improve the online customer experience.

It Is Not The Brand That Matters It Is Your Personality

A brand can be considered as a way of improving reputation. It develops in the way other people think about you and not what you think about you or want to make people think like that. You need to first influence your customers by taking care of them, so that people start trusting you, and start considering you as a brand since you offer better-quality products. You need to remember that brand loyalty can be built only with improved personality. If you have a good personality only then you will have improved customer engagement.

Personalize Your Customer Service

It is always good to have a personal touch in your business dealings, especially in the case of online shopping portals. Try to offer casual and personal pages that only your specific customers will see. This can be best in the case of the checkout success page and in your transaction emails. Every page in your shopping portal should make sure that customers know what is happening, and what can happen, this can be offered to them along with some quotes or humor in the writing style. For example, while offering information related to completing transaction, etc. you can offer them in a unique way, along with thanksgiving quotes etc. to make it look real.

Improve Your Emails

Rather than automatic transactions or follow-up emails, try to write some unique and catchy mails that will attract customers and give a personalized touch to the mails. Such types of mails will have a great impact on the customer retention rate and will improve the overall support for your company. Sending a fully personalized email after a certain time of first purchase say 30 days will be powerful. This will help you to make customers remind that it is the time for their next purchase. This will help you to have a long term customer loyalty.

Content That Offer Information But More It Motivates

Businesses keep away from content marketing as they feel writing a blog takes a long time. Even if you don’t get a chance to write blog, go for a better option of visual contents that will be more attractive, informative, still less time taking, and best of all it must inspire your customers to shop with you. Rather than offering poor quality and less attractive written content almost every day, it is better to offer a great piece of visual content that attracts tons of people in one go.

So start offering that little extras and make your customer coming back again and again.

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