Ways to Retain your Loyal Customers

Online marketing will become successful only when you put efforts is to attract and convert customers. Customer retention is very important for any business. It can make or break your business.  A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review states that improving customer retention by at least 5% can improve profitability by as much as 95%.

By paying a little attention to your business processes you can improve customer loyalty. It is found that attracting new buyers cost five times more than retaining your current customers. The below strategies will help you improve your customer retention.

Offer attention to your customers: Allow your customers to make you as their first choice by offering excellent customer care services which is available 24x7. Give customer support at most priority in your business. Create a team of staff who can offer all types of information which generally customers hunt for along with an effective help desk that will manage all incoming emails and calls.

Build customers’ trust: People will start buying from you only after establishing a certain amount of trust on your offerings. Don’t let this trust get less, maintain and strengthen it to have a long term relationship with your customer. Find ways to share your business strategies, journey and trade secrets openly along with information related to new trends, fashion etc. This will help you build their trust and acquire a large pool of loyal customers who are ready to buy from you again and again.

Offer regular product updates: People might be visiting your site regularly but their interest to purchase awakes only when they find new product ranges. Try to regularly release new products and impart this information to all your customers’ base. This will help you to build thrust in your business along with impressing your customers. Send regular emails that product updates and advices on how one can use your products in a better way. This will cause re-engagement as your customers find a reason to come back to your site and check what new things you have for them.

Be in touch with risky customers: Use Analytics software to find out your customers’ shopping trends and the customer life cycle, based on this you can take required actions to improve customer retention. Track how often your loyal customers login or make a buy, and the possible reasons that make your customers to leave. You can trigger mails to get the feedback from the customers who leave and use this for improvement. When customers find that you value their suggestions they will continue to have relationship with you and trust you.

Improve your loyalty chain: Make a loyalty chain using your loyal customers and use tactics to drive them by introducing loyalty programs. Offer them different ways how they can earn reward points. This will tempt your customers to come back. Offer surprise gifts or coupons following a certain number of purchase.

Site performance: A speedy site is the foremost requirement to retain your customers. With high bounce rates you can never acquire loyal customers. A quick and well designed site can advance customers experience make them ready to revisit you.

Social Media engagement: Interact with your customers regularly, and offer them opportunities to connect with your brand in a personal way. It is found that customers who are active in any online social media platform spend around 19% more on online purchases. Post attractive and informative contents and let your followers take part in the conversation.

Offer a personalized touch: Personalization is very important now a days. Personalized brand experience is an important drive for regular purchases. It is found that sending personalized emails will drive more than15 times more revenue than compared to bulk emails and increase conversion rates by 10%.

We are sure that implementing the above tips will certainly show an excellent improvement in the number of customers who return again and again to purchase your products.

So start hooking your customers!!!