Powerful digital marketing will help marketers attract customers. But consider a condition when you have done everything possible and still you are unable to attract target customers, all your work will give no result. For this Web Analytics provides the powerful insights that will help you to understand how individuals are interacting with your website, your brands and how it affects your overall digital presence. Web analytics help you to utilize marketing techniques based on your customer behaviour and also help you to determine the success rate of your efforts in all marketing aspects whether it maybe online advertising,  email marketing, marketing in popular social networking sites, or mobile marketing.

We, Connecting Dots, will help you in understanding how your online marketing strategies and initiatives are performing in the real time scenario, understand the most successful ads, promotional campaigns, and marketing channels that may lead to improved conversion so that you can make faster and effective investments in marketing. We also help you to identify where your potential customer segments lie with the help of Ad-hoc analysis, you will also have the ability to know about the unlimited real-time visitor information along with data related to customer views.

With the increasing involvement of mobile users, we will also help you keep track of mobile visitor behavior, and compare mobile conversion with web conversion and also the keyword search by mobile visitors with that of web visitors.

Some of the reasons why you must choose us are:

The Growth Story and Web Analytics

At The Growth Story we help you create reports based on your website performance, user engagement, shares, likes, and click through rates (CTR) and identify where visitors are discussing about you, which are the most visited pages and what are the reasons due to which visitors navigate away without getting converted. We also help you measure and utilized the data generated for online initiatives across different marketing channels into a single place and analyze them properly. We also make you understand your key performance indicators (KPIs) that include data related to purchasing metrics, campaigns, visitor profiles, customer trust, etc.

We help you analyze the online conversion processes on different web pages that will help you to apply certain settings in order to enhance the conversion rate and traffic even more.

Some of our well-known Web Analytics services include:

  • Website Hits
  • Click Path
  • Page view
  • Visitors
  • Unique Visitors
  • Top Referrers
  • Content Groups
  • Technical Stats
  • Qualified Visits
  • Bounce Rate
  • Heat Map
  • Conversions
  • CTR Improvement
  • Goal Setup
  • eCommerce conversation tracking setup