When eCommerce adopted Cloud!!

Cloud Technology Management

From past few years, 80% of the storage and eCommerce activities have started to take place in the cloud. The concept of computing had started to flourish after the integration of operating systems and software. By the year 2010, Cloud Computing had reshaped the normal way of doing computing and storage activities. Now, everything including your data and software stays in the cloud. eCommerce businesses have greatly affected by Cloud Computing and this has been advantageous in improving the overall business architecture of eCommerce companies. With the dominance of Smartphones and tablets, this has opened the world of mobile computing, which has already started to grow.

eCommerce mainly includes the exchange of products and/or services over the Internet. It also involves the use of secure payment gateway and strong database. Using cloud computing one can eliminate the need of using related hardware and software, making the entire process scalable and cost effective. Now, the eCommerce companies needs to pay only for the cloud resources which they can latter upgrade based on the increase in their customer base.

We know that there is no need to tell you how much the transaction data are important for your business.

Using cloud data centres, you can now have multiple backups and better disaster recovery in case of failure or natural disasters. Not only this, these secured data centres are highly insulated from outside interference, improving security even more. Thus eCommerce businesses can improve the trust that their customers have by using best quality cloud services. With Cloud you can also improve service quality, simplify the overall backend process, and easily outsource the IT tasks and other services to cloud providers based on pay-as-you-go system.

Cloud Technology Management

Now big enterprises are building their own private cloud services along with accessing public cloud services when ever required.

What benefits do cloud computing offer to e-commerce industry??

Just now we had already discussed the trust that Cloud computing offers, and its cost effective nature. Apart from these two aspects, cloud computing also offers:

Speed: With the use of cloud services, eCommerce applications have now become almost five times faster than before. One can now start selling products immediately using the remote platform.

Scalability: Cloud services enable businesses to scale quickly and support increase in demand triggered by special promotions.

Security: Cloud offers data encryption, biometric screening of any personnel and certification using third-party vulnerability assessment programs.

Interoperability: With the increase in the use of cloud, eCommerce companies will be able to share information between clouds and cloud communities, using a standard framework.

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