What’s hitting your online topline?

Two main pillars on which eCommerce business is built is TRAFFIC and CONVERSION, everything else is just bullshit... period! Either of the one is weak and the online business is doomed. In simple language, your success depends upon how many come to your site and how many of them then end up buying from you.

Lets say your eCommerce portal has truckloads of visitors, but not much sales, is it any good? What do you do to make sure that the visitors convert. Million dollar question! Well the whole ecosystem is trying to solve this equation just to make sure that not one in 200, 100 or 50 but one in 30, 20 and 10 buy!

There are several reasons why people become hesitant to buy online after they visit your online shopping store. Here we have found out some common issues due to which people fail to make a purchases online. We have also discussed some solutions that can help you to make your customers feel secure and comfortable while buying your products.

Low Quality Photographs

How many times have we heard that 'A picture says a thousand words' do we need to say more? well a bad picture will say those thousand words that badly! Now how about that!

Consider that you own a fashion store. In case of normal brick and mortar store people have the opportunity to check and try out the products from every aspect. They can also make sure that it fits their look and style and also whether the size is correct for them. Only then they decide to buy the product. The closer you get to that experience, the better you are as an online store. The best way to achieve this is to have good quality photographs of all the products in different angles. It will be better if you have some damsels modelling your products :) who doesn't want to see them. Fashion industry is not full of these faces without any reason... Folks! they help sell... plain and simple :)

You can’t expect people to feel good and compelled to buy for low quality, dim snaps. Avoid weird shadows to make it look crisp and compelling. Without good product photography people miss out what it is like to feel the real thing, and along with that it brings a sense in them that you are not professional.

So start clicking better photographs.

Once you have taken some good pictures, you also need to edit them. Several photo editing tools are available online that are both paid and free (like http://www.photoshop.com/tools, http://www.fotor.com/ and http://pixlr.com/ etc.) This is easy!

Weak Product Descriptions

Not only the quality of your pictures that matter, even your written content matters a lot. One of the important aspects of your eCommerce portal is your product descriptions (Hey: this helps in SEO as well). We all know that touch and feel increases the desire to own it (remember the importance of the 5 senses in marketing, check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensory_branding). Why not make your visitors get to know how it feels when they own the product. A good way to make them feel things is to replicate that feel in words. Describe your products in such a way that a potential customer feels as if she is holding it right in her hands.

Using weak descriptions will have every chance of losing the opportunity to attract the customers and make them buy. Avoid all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, because when customers see a product description that is less professional, then they have a tendency to think that chances are there that other things in your web-store will also be poorly managed. They might also think that you offer low quality products and also chances are there that you deliver the product in the wrong address. They will not trust you to offer their credit card details.

Never dishearten your visitors.

Tell your customers how superior are your products and rather than only letting them know the specifications tell them why these specifications matters and what results will they get while using the product.

Bad Design

Think what will you feel when you enter a store that is completely disorganized, it looks shabby, smells bad and oh how difficult it is to find what you need there.. everything is just thrown across.. will you buy from this store? (no money if you guess it right mate.. that was easy :)

Things like this happen online as well...

The two main issues with the website designing that can turn your visitors away are, first, making things difficult for your customers to find the product they are looking for and second, the arrangement of your products. Both these issues discourage visitors from making a purchase.

If your products are arranged logically, you can easily overwhelm your customer with the product images provided your product images and descriptions meet the criteria discussed above. It is good that you use a good theme that is also responsive and is easily navigable. Remember the rule of thumb that none of your products should be more than three clicks away from the homepage.

You Have Not Established Trust Yet

People have a certain degree of trust when they purchase from a physical shop, even if it is a temporary stall or shop, this is because you can check the products immediately, and count on the store to stay for a little while in case you have any complaint in future. Also, while you make a purchase from the store, you might have had a few words with the store owner.

None of this applies on the Internet.

People will not feel secure to make a purchase from an eCommerce website that doesn’t have a well quoted About Us page, contact details, general guarantee that you use a secured payment method, product reviews and testimonials.

You must make sure that you draft a good “About Us” page that tells your customers about your start, your background, and why you started the online portal. And you should add at the end your first name, so that people can have someone to address too. In case you have any press wins, you should mention them in a prominent way. Also integrate some product reviews as it will help you to increase your eCommerce conversion rate by several times.

You should also have proper contact number and email ID for people to reach you at.

If you achieve doing all these you have enough reasons for people to trust you.

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