Why and How Google Glass is going to Change the way we shop

Let’s first consider one basic concept on Google Glass,  it is not a standalone device, it is going to be paired with your mobile phone (at least as of now), now whatever you do currently over mobile can be done on Glass... Google glass, (like smartphones), can capture input and receive and send information. It can take a picture, record video, surf web, mail, message, connect and more. So, is there anything that smart phones cannot do? Why do we need glass anyways then? How does it make life simpler better and more enriching?

There are going to be innovative ways in which it will add value to healthcare, education and many other industries. In this current post, we will try to restrict ourselves to Retail industry (eCommerce  and Physical both) and explore how glass is going to bring about a change, it actually is going to change the way we buy, let’s see how:

Disruptive Search and blended shopping

Google Glass is going to disrupt the way we search, the way we compare products, prices and optimise our buys, let’s consider a simple situation: Imagine you walk into a retail store and see a Shirt you really like, you try it on and it fits perfectly so you scan the barcode using Glass and Google presents you with a list of retailers (both physical store and online who have the same stuff). You then compare prices and if a nearby retailer has the same Shirt cheaper you use Google maps to direct you there, alternatively if you don’t mind not having the Shirt today you order it from an online retailer there and then safe in the knowledge that the Shirt fits and looks great.

Check out this link here talking about how Glass can be utilised:

Discovery and Augmented reality:

Imagine you go to a store, like a shirt... but oops! the trial room is busy... you can try the stuff using glass and see how you look like real time :) Isn’t it cool? Saves time and is a lot of fun... now you can try all the whacky stuff as well that you otherwise won’t 😉 shopping just becomes a whole load of fun and time saving. There could by many such examples.. I believe Google Glass is going to take augmented reality to a whole new level.

Here is a link on how one can use to discover products using glass:

Audio Visual Boon

The biggest premise is AudioVisual Interaction in glass and it is more real and near to senses than a phone, basically it reduces the steps you would take to use and action something on your phone. In eCommerce (and any commerce) this is a boon, read: Lower abandoned carts (~20% carts get abandoned!) and more impulse buying... Ask any eCommerce store owner... lesser clicks to cart means more sales. Online Stores are going to love this device!

I also see a lot of Physical stores getting to build their own google glass apps or extending their physical store into an online one.. just to take the advantage of in-store online buying and more impulse buying.. Yes, this trend is going to increase.

Geo-location Targeting

Instant Geo-location Targeting of prospective customers is going to be more affective on google Glass. Imagine someone is moving past your showroom and you send a ping to his/her glass about an awesome new product or the great discount sale you are running on! Now had it been a mobile phone: One can still get a notification but you know what ‘Malls are noisy places’ you don’t even hear your phone ringing sometimes there forget about pings and notification, and then even if you hear something.. you might not bother to look at it, maybe you have packets in both your hands.. or you are just more interested in going to that next shop.. But isn’t a message flashing right across your eyes more likely for you to take notice and take action! That’s about making things near to the senses! Google Glass has nailed this one for now!

Social Shopping

Now you can shop with you spouse even if you are afar and travelling! And you can also shop with your friends real time on video as if you are present in store! Now how cool is that! Now you don’t have to pull out your phone to take that pic, share it to facebook and ask for your friends’ comments! It all happens while you browse the store’s stack, share and get feedbacks etc. Girls: You are going to love this thing!

I am excited as many of you around on the possibilities that Google Glass brings to the commerce industry (and others), I’ll capture how things will change in other areas in future posts! Google: get this thing out soon!

Google Glass App store is on its way, check out link here.