Why eCommerce Website Owners Must Support Online Reviews

The world of eCommerce is continuously changing. Isn’t it? Every day you might come across several articles that will offer ways through which you can improve user experience. Some or the other changes happen almost every day. And eCommerce owners run around to inculcate these changes in their shopping portal. Now, what you have to say about the rise in online reviews? Has it helped you in improving sales? Not much? Why? Have you ever tried to find the answer for this question? Perhaps no.

Here we will try to answer all these questions and also find out the ways that will make these reviews work for your business. We will also let you know how to start generating them and manage them.

Reviews have become an important part in the world of Internet. When used in a proper way, reviews can be a powerful social proof that can persuade people to buy from you.

So, let’s start to know more about it.

Benefits of Online Reviews for Your eCommerce Store

Checking through the online reviews before thinking of buying a product has now become a common act among the people. Thus, every online marketer should think about them. It is found that 70 percent of the customers check online reviews or ratings before making a final purchase. Out of this 63 percent of the customers purchase from the site that has good product ratings and reviews. Most of the customers read at least 6 or less reviews before they trust a web-store enough to make a buy. Almost 80 percent people trust product reviews in the same way as they trust personal recommendation.

In short, reviews have a lot of impact on the customers and they really do depend on them.

But, do they have some benefits for you, the eCommerce marketer? Yes, Of course.

Reviews Have the Ability to Change the Way Customers Recognize You

The biggest challenge at any eCommerce store faces is to build the trust of customers on your brand. Bad reputation is a complete NO for all of us. Quality products, helpfulness and reliability are what customers want from you and your business. In this case, genuine positive reviews encourage customers to trust you as a business that cares about their customers and are ready to do anything for exceptional customer experience.

Importance of Unbiased Insight

Unbiased information that people can rely on and the third party insight related to the quality and experience of the product is what that attracts customers. Reviews that help people imagine themselves using the product and that reduces the common doubts that generally comes to the customers’ mind are highly important. It acts as a customer support system.

Importance of Trust and Credibility

This is the main challenge that most of the new eCommerce businesses face when compared to the larger and known brands. People are more cautious these days. Thus, things have become more difficult. In this case, trust indicators have become very important than ever before.

By making reviews clearly available on your shopping site can help you persuade the customers to lighten their pockets.

How to Encourage Customer to Write a Review

Now that you have understood how advantageous reviews can be, how can you start generating them? How can you make people write a review for you? Many times, customers forget to offer reviews for the product they bought, or they may not feel too inspired enough to offer a review about the product.

Now, how can you motivate people?

Send Friendly Emails

A good email marketer doesn't only work to sell more products. They should also encourage people to be an active part of your community. Learn to build email campaigns that can be sent to the customers who have had your products in their hands for at least a week or two. This will offer them enough time to know about the product and experience it to write a review about it. Take it in a gentle and kind note and also ask what other ways you can help them.

Reviewing Should be Easy

Never make it the worst experience for your customers. Submitting a review for you should be easily accessible and simpler, than going through all those time taking verification process. It should also be rewarding. For example, after submitting a review an instant coupon of say 10% off in the next order should be generated to surprise your customer and also increase their trust in you.

Coupons, Discounts and Previews

Even the smallest discount can make a huge impact on the customers and they start engaging with you. Giving out special coupon after review submission may prove to be beneficial. Also offering discount codes and a preview of upcoming products may also be a great way to encourage customers to become part of your community. 

Tools That Can Help You

It's time that you take a look at some of the tools that can help you manage reviews. With these tools you can follow up with the customers who have recently purchased from you. You can even automate the process and also set up an auto - responder that may go out after a week when your customer receives your product and had experienced it. To get started you can use tools like MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor etc.

Now, start utilizing product reviews that works for your business. They are powerful and effective!