Why upgrade to Magento CE 1.8 Now! Part-II

More reasons to upgrade to Magento CE 1.8

We posted a blog in this series here (click here) where we talked about the security features enhancements in magento 1.8. Here are some more reasons to upgrade to magento 1.8, read on..


Coming to Performance, this was a major drawback when user has huge number of products. Now the version 1.8 has taken several advanced steps to overcome this. It has a new way of limiting how magento performs large database lookups, also it gives protection against database deadlocks.
Now the checkout process will not take more time. Version 1.8 has removed several unnecessary calls, each steps load only the information about current step. This ensures customers get through the checkout a lot faster.
Version 1.8 also changes in how magento handles large amount of tax codes. We can have over 35,000 individual tax codes without affecting the performance of the website.


Several issues were incorrect regarding the paypal and the customer was unable to complete the transaction. This has been resolved now.
Customer will no longer get “customer already exists” while checking out, if the customer who already has an account.
In certain circumstances, customers paying via PayPal Express would not benefit from any Shopping Cart Price Rules that had been setup in the admin area. This problem no more exists in version 8.0.

Watchout for our next blog post on enhancements in Magento 1.8

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