Your Social Signal: What it means to Google and You.

The new Google search gathers data like person’s name who posted any content, forums and blogs etc. related to this content using Google+ which is a primary source of information, along with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and comments for cross-referencing the genuineness of the content. This is called social signal and consist of activities performed on social networks. It mainly measures the influence, reach, and quality of your content and accordingly calculates your digital reputation score and trustworthiness.This social signal is also used to rank your website in the search engine.

Here we will discuss how these social signals are used, and how they are related to any content and what you have to do to generate good social signals.

Data is everything and finding the right piece of data at the right time is very important. These days everyone is uploading all kinds of data may it be informational, images, videos etc. This has made finding the rightful data difficult as there are tons of data available online. The need of isolating meaningful data is important. Social signal offers information related to social actions, interactions, social attitude and social relationships.

For example, Facebook uses Social Graph Search where it maps relational data and find out the meaning of connections to get some inferences.In semantic search, the interaction and relationship between people and websites across the Web are used to deliver some meaning.

But how is this all done?

The technique is very simple. We all know that to transmit a signal we need an emitter and a receiver. Here emitter can be a person, a group, a community, a virtual person, a company or a brand. A signal can be then defined as an action like any ad, message, comment, likes, content etc.posted on the Web. This signal transmitted by the emitter and is received by receiver who believes it to be trusted. Now these signals can be informative or communicative.A signal is informative when there is no real intent and a signal is communicative when there is intent to communicate something valuable.

Semantic search uses these social signals to understand the intention behind any action and maps it to specific content.Google’s social signal generate better understanding of the content, offers better indexing power, analyzes the authority of content based on related social interaction and the contextual value of indexed content, and at last establishes trust.

Google has now understood the importance of authorship, which is associated with real people and their online activities. This creates a better way to filter unwanted content and establish veracity. Google assesses individual profiles based on certain criteria and decides Author Rank(please check our previous post on this here), which will help to have some authority and trust on their digital presence and activities. So now the content that is not shared, commented or re-shared by real people has no place in Google’s eyes and will never appear on search results pages.

To market your services, you need to have strong digital marketing and publicized content. Having this will help you create good social signal that will help Google to understand the importance of your content. Thus social sharing has become important. A website with no content on social networks has low value.When you are active in social networks, you amplify social signal of your website with interaction, engagement, and sharing. What you need is to work upon some strategies for effective social signal generation.

User engagement helps you to convert potential customers to brand evangelists and this requires analyzing your brand values. What all matters is the freshness, depth, breadth, and the sentiments expressed in the signal. Even if you somehow manage to achieve wide reach in online marketing through paid promotion and thus have online fans, it will be useless if you won’t engage with them.

Volume is another important characteristic. Your content must generate right amount of subjects that have a lot of followers, which will help you to have a lot of visitors for your website, this is what Google search loves, the Velocity with which the content spreads among the followers.

Thus, It is the user engagement that matters in the world of new search.

Just spread your Content and Socialize!!!!

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